Coffee Shops in Destin You Can’t Miss

If you’re a coffee lover, you’re probably on the hunt for coffee shops before you even arrive in Destin. We totally understand and are just the same way as you! While there’s nothing wrong with Starbucks (and there’s plenty of them in Destin), this list is going to cover some of the can’t miss local and semi-local coffee shops you’ll find in Destin. 

Capriccio Cafe

This small shop is located more in the heart of Destin, closer towards the Destin Harbor and the Emerald Grande boardwalk. It’s reminiscent of a true Italian coffee shop with well crafted beverages such as true lattes and cappuccinos that are the real deal (proper ratios of foam, milk, and coffee).

The owner of the cafe is a native Italian and moved from Milan, Italy to the US in 1992, so you can be sure he’s bringing his decades of cafe and coffee experience to Destin. Does it get much better for coffee lovers than this?

There’s also an excellent selection of crepes on their breakfast menu with options like nutella for the sweet tooths in your group, or savory crepes like The Roman that has chicken, lettuce, tomato, etc. 

Capriccio has hundreds of 5 star reviews (700+ at the time of writing) which is a huge testament to their quality and dedication to Destin’s visitors and locals alike. They’ve been around since 2013 and in that time have earned a loyal following of coffee lovers that really appreciate a handcrafted espresso. 

This is the place to go if you’re after something more authentic with an intimate setting and you’re staying more on the west side of Destin. If you’ve visited Mimmo’s Italian Restaurant or know where Target is in Destin, Capriccio Cafe is just across Highway 98. Or, if you’re staying on or near Gulf Shore Drive in Destin, you’re within walking distance! 

East Pass Coffee Co

Perhaps the most “instagramable” of all the coffee shops in Destin, East Pass Coffee has grown from very humble beginnings in a coffee trailer on the Destin Harbor to a full cafe location on Highway 98 near Burrito Del Sol. 

Their location is small, but absolutely thriving year round with people after delicious coffees, smoothies, and breakfast treats. Their drinks range from Flat Whites to Dirty Chai Lattes, so nearly everyone in your group will be happy with the choices.

And if they aren’t into coffee, East Pass has a selection of made-on-the-spot smoothies and drinks like German Chocolate Cake (yes, that’s a drink!)

Another food option that is difficult to find elsewhere in Destin are their Acai bowls. These delicious bowls pack a superfruit punch with delicious combinations of granola, peanut butter, strawberries, honey, and more. 

There’s also a couple solid sandwich options like turkey clubs, breakfast sandwiches, avocados toast, so if you’re coming with a hunger stronger than just a small bite, you’ll leave satisfied as well. 

Don’t be at all surprised to turn up to East Pass to find the parking lot jam packed and the wait time pretty significant in the summer. But, it’s a true locally owned coffee shop that serves up food and drinks so you won’t be disappointed. 

The Palms Coffeehouse

One of the newest additions to the Destin coffee scene, The Palms Coffeehouse has a fantastic atmosphere and is located on the property of The Palms resort. Whether you’re staying at The Palms or not, this place is worth a visit because its vibe is totally unique compared to all of Destin’s other coffee shops. 

As coffee lovers ourselves, our take on this spot is that it has some of the best coffee on offer in the area. This place is also more centrally located in Destin if you’re staying in areas like Crystal Beach, so it’ll be the easiest for you to reach. 

On their menu, you’ll find a number of other delicious drinks not offered anywhere else in Destin such as matcha tea and more custom drinks like their Cinnamon Frenchie (double shot of espresso, french vanilla, and cinnamon swirl milk). 

Inside the space is big enough to spread out and find a cozy spot to read a book or get a little work done without feeling like you’re taking space away from others. I know we said earlier that East Pass is the most “instagrammable” but The Palms Coffeehouse definitely gives that title a run for its money. You’ll have to go to both and let us know! 

They also offer fresh baked pastries, so if your goal is to get a delicious pastry and a fantastic cup of coffee, this is a great choice. 

Cafe Destin

Although it’s changed hands and names a few times, the current owners of Cafe Destin have built a great, locally owned cafe right in the heart of Destin. It’s more of a cafe than it is a proper coffee shop, but it’s still worth mentioning because you can still get decent quality coffee drinks along with their large food selection.

This cafe offers by far the most inside seating (probably twice that of Capriccio and East Pass combined) and has even more covered outside seating which is lovely anytime of year. 

Cafe Destin has perhaps the widest range of food and coffee selections with more typical breakfast items like sausage, eggs, benedicts, omelets, french toast, and so on. They also have a big lunch selection of oversized sandwiches like Clubs, Reubens, and BLTs.

In terms of coffee, they offer a number of standard coffee options as well as cappuccinos and lattes. They use a local roaster called Amavida which coffee connoisseurs might argue isn’t the best coffee ever, but it’s still very popular and hits the spot.

So, where’s the best coffee in Destin?

Based on our personal experience over the many years as a Destin local, it would have to be Capriccio cafe, but places like East Pass and The Palms Coffeehouse certainly are putting a challenge to that. 

If you’re after truly authentic coffee, Capriccio is probably the best choice. If you’re looking for the total experience (coffee, vibe, comfy seating, lite eats, and photo worthy), our pick would probably have to be The Palms Coffeehouse.