Get Premium

What is Premium?

Your listing is free to place in our directory, but you receive a number of great features if you decide to go Premium:

  1. Featured listing status (always show in the top of the results!)
  2. Listings in the daily and weekly specials section
  3. Quarterly performance reports for your listings
  4. and much more

Premium membership is either a quarterly or annual commitment and prices depend on category, popularity, and length of commitment.

Other Benefits

We only offer a limited number of paid listings in each category. This is on a first come first serve basis, so you might be the third featured listing as the third member to become premium in that category. As a result, we provide the option for you to maintain your position when your premium status comes up for renewal. If someone who is currently ahead of you does not renew, you automatically advance to the next position and hold that place.

Get Premium